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Empowering others to create fulfilling lives through astrological guidance.


Astrology readings are forms of spiritual counseling that can offer clarity, wisdom, and healing. Many people seek astrological counseling when looking for guidance about issues like intimacy, marriage and relationships, work and career, finances, grief, and relocation.

My readings can be held via Zoom, telephone, or in-person.

Natal Reading

90 Minutes | $150

An in-depth analysis of your birth chart with respect to your Soul’s developmental journey and current situation and concerns.


Relationship Reading

90 Minutes | $225

Includes analysis of both partners' charts, evolutionary journeys regarding your relationship, and underlying karmic connections and dynamics.


Life Path Mini Reading

40 Minutes | $80

A low-cost look at your primary life lessons within the deeper context of consciousness, or what could be called prior lives.


Vocational Path Mini Reading

40 minutes | $80

Focuses on what your natal chart reveals about work and career, beneficial when considering changes in a career or education.


Counseling Package

Three Sessions of 90 Minutes | $400

Designed for people who are seeking further counseling and exploration of the major themes discussed in the initial session.


Annual Check-In Mini Reading

40 Minutes | $89

A low-cost, more streamlined way to learn what astrology has to say about your current life experiences and the year ahead.


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From time to time I'll post video material here on aspects of divination and spirituality.
In our series Deep Astrology: Astrology as a Spiritual Portal, my friend Christopher Warnock  and I discuss the relationship of astrology and astrological magic to spiritual development.  We also explore themes like modernity and science, Eastern metaphysical ideas, and related topics.

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