When and how can I benefit from a reading?

Readings can potentially benefit a person at just about any time in their life, and some people like to schedule semi-regular readings as astrological check-ins.

Many others seek astrological counseling when looking for guidance about issues like intimacy, marriage and relationships, work and career, finances, grief, and relocation.

What are the differences between modern and traditional astrology?

"Traditional astrology" usually refers to Western approaches, such as Hellenistic, Arabic / Persian / Medieval, and Renaissance-era forms, as well as Eastern systems such as Indian / jyotish (or Vedic), Chinese, and Tibetan.

In ancient times traditional astrology was viewed as a sacred practice, a sophisticated form of divination. It was commonly used to predict personal and worldly events, as well as to diagnose and help treat medical / spiritual issues.  

Modern astrology is predominantly psychologically oriented, and (more or less) emerged in the early part of the 20th century. Many modern astrologers have been influenced by depth psychologists like C.G. Jung, and the legacy of thinkers / practitioners like Marc Edmund Jones and Dane Rudhyar, among others. Their work tends to focus on helping clients uncover unconscious inner patterns and cultivate greater degrees of consciousness.

Spiritually-oriented modern astrologers sometimes focus on clients’ evolutionary life lessons and their meaning. They may use astrology to facilitate self-exploration and discovery as part of the larger work of spiritual transformation.

What's the purpose of astrology readings?

Astrology readings can facilitate profound forms of self-exploration, discovery, and transformation. They can clarify your major life lessons and psychological patterns which may require new responses to, and engagement with, your journey.

Astrology can be understood as a sacred science that deals with the qualitative nature of human life and time. The astrological perspective, in general, views time in terms of its quality or meaning and sees events in this light, typically in terms of cycles. I offer readings as forms of spiritual counseling that are intended to guide you toward increased wisdom, meaning, and healing.

What should I expect when reaching out for a reading?

After you request a reading, I’ll contact you as soon as I can (which may take a few hours or even days) via email. Then we'll discuss what you're looking for in an astrology reading, as well as payment details.

Once you’ve made payment, we’ll proceed with scheduling.

I'll also email you several pre-reading questions for you to respond to at your convenience. Your responses to these are entirely optional, but if you do choose to respond, it will undoubtedly contribute toward us having a great reading.

Please keep in mind that I’ll also require your accurate birth data—your birth date, birth time, and birthplace—for all natal and relationship readings.

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Do you offer other services?

In addition to natal, vocational, life path, and relationship readings, in the future I’ll offer horary astrological readings.

A horary reading (from the Greek horos, meaning, hour) is the astrology of determining the answer to a specific question. In horary practice, the astrologer constructs and analyzes a chart based on the time they’ve received and understood their client’s question. This is a very complex art, but it can be highly accurate and helpful.

How do you provide readings?

I conduct in-person readings in a chosen public place, as well as via phone or Zoom.

What do you need to know about me for a successful reading?

I’ll need your accurate birth data—your birth date, birth time, and birthplace—for all natal readings, as well as the accurate birth data of your person of interest for all relationship readings.

In addition, I ask clients who have just scheduled an astrology reading with me to answer a few questions prior to our actual session. These responses help provide me with a real-life context for the analytical work I'll do with your chart prior to our reading. My questions are typically things like:

  1. What life circumstances or challenges—past, present, and/or future—would you like to discuss during our session?
  2. What is / was your family of origin like? Please describe significant aspects of your upbringing, your family's economic status, and your relationship with your parents and siblings.
  3. Is or was there a religious orientation, education, or conditioning within your family of origin? How has this affected you?
  4. Do you currently have a philosophical, religious, or spiritual interest, orientation, or practice?
  5. Are there any other topics you'd like to discuss during our session?